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E-liquid Customization Services:

Concentration and Flavor Customization Services:

Concentration Customization: We offer e-liquid customization services in varying concentrations—low, medium, and high—to accommodate different user taste preferences.

Flavor Customization: Our range of flavor e-liquid customization services caters to diverse customer taste preferences and market trends, including fruit, sweet, and beverage flavors.

Tailored Formulation: For specific customers or brands, we develop 

unique e-liquid formulations tailored to their requirements, ensuring product personalization and distinctiveness.

ODM Production: We offer original design manufacturing services, ensuring product uniqueness in line with customer requirements.

OEM Production: We provide label, packaging, and bottle customization services according to customer brand specifications.

Packaging Design Customization: Our packaging design and customization services ensure product alignment with the customer's brand, enhancing its overall image.

Customized Equipment Type Matching:
E-liquid R&D Services:

Disposable Cotton Core Equipment Customization: We provide personalized customization of disposable cotton core devices, encompassing appearance design and functional features, tailored to customer needs.

Cotton Core Replacement Device Customization: Tailored to cotton core replacement devices, our customization services meet customer requirements, ensuring equipment compatibility with their brand and products.

Ceramic Cartridge Device Customization: For ceramic cartridge devices, we offer comprehensive customization services covering design, manufacturing, packaging, etc., to ensure optimal equipment performance and quality.

Other Closed and Open Device Customization: In addition to the above device types, we extend customization services to other closed and open devices.

E-liquid Formula Development: We boast an experienced team of perfumers who develop novel e-liquid formulas tailored to meet diverse user taste preferences, based on demand and market trends.

Flavor Blending Services: We offer flavor blending services, adjusting e-liquid flavors according to the preferences of users in different countries and regions to achieve personalized customization.

Concentration Blending Services: We provide e-liquid blending services in various concentrations to cater to the taste preferences of different users, according to demand.

Technical Support and Consultation: Our dedicated technical team offers professional support and consultation services to address a myriad of challenges encountered during the e-liquid development process.

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